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How Much To Clean My Roof ?

Quick Rough Price Guide:

Roof Soft Wash Cleaning .18 cents a square foot or $18 per "Square" of roof surface cleaned.
                                                    (A "Square" equals 100 Square Feet)
For quick estimates:
One-story: Add the living area square footage and the garage together. Then add 20% for the pitch. (500sqft for 2-car garage)
Two-story: Measure the outside area of your home and add 20% for the pitch.
Most Roofs:
1500 SqFt (home) + 500 SqFt (Garage) x 1.20 (20% Pitch) = 2400 2400 SqFt (Including pitch) x $.16 = $385.00
Extremely Steep Roofs:
1500 SqFt (home) + 500 SqFt (Garage) x 1.36 (36% Pitch) = 2720 2720 SqFt (Including pitch) x $.18 = $435.00
Roof Contractor:
Roof contractors talks in "Squares" when it comes to roofs. So, if you had someone tell you your roof is 24 "Squares" they have done all the hard math and all you have to do:
24 squares x $16 = $385.00

The average price for Roof Cleaning is between $199 - $700. This is only a fraction of the cost, compared to replacing a roof which could cost you $5000 - $10,000

Each house is different and will not cost the same to clean.
Pricing depends on the following factors:
Labor Cost
Chemical Cost (high cost factor in roof cleaning)
Pitch of Roof  (walkable  vs  non-walkable roofs)
Walking Roofs vs Ladders & High Reach Lifts
Simple Roofs vs Complex Roofs
Size of Roof
Type of Roof
How Dirty Is Your Roof
Partial or Full - Roof Cleaning
1-2-3 Story Homes
Gutters vs No Gutters
Rental Equipment
Setup Time
Specials and Discounts
Cash or Credit Card

Labor Cost:
Professional Roof Cleaning Requires (2) People (minimum) to safe and effectively clean your roof. One man does the roof cleaning while the second man called the ground man, keeps the siding, grass, plants,and landscape watered down throughout the cleaning process for damage control purposes, as well as assisting the roof cleaner when needed.
Roof cleaning can be a very dangerous job. Roof cleaning when done right can take 2 - 6 hours,  which is why we can not clean any roof for less than $99.00 (per person) x (2) persons, no matter how small. Our minimum Labor cost to clean any home is $199.00 including any coupons or discounts. Our labor cost is very reasonable when you include the danger and the quality work we provide.  As you will see, It is very easy to loose profit on a job if we do not include all the factors listed above, when providing you a free estimate.
Chemical Cost:
Chemicals are very expensive. It takes (2) times as much chemical to clean a roof than it does house siding. The Bacteria on your roof does not die or come clean with just a light coat of chemical. It takes a heavy concentrate of chemical and sometimes more than one coat, to kill the Bacteria and clean it properly. Chemical Cost is expensive and not negotiable. To compete in the market there is no room to make profit off chemicals due to it's current high cost to buy.
Bleach: (The recommended chemical to clean roofs by the leading roof shingle manufactures.)
We generally use 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) which is much more potent than the household bleach you buy at the grocery store which is only 6 - 8.25 % (6% being the most). You pay almost $3.00 a gallon for your bleach which is what we charge but ours is much stronger. A 2500 square foot roof will use 40 - 60 gallons of chemical depending how dirty the roof is to clean. That's 40 gallons (minimum) times $3.00 gallon and you get $120.00 and 60 gallons will cost $180.00 JUST IN CHEMICAL COST ALONE, (NO LABOR AND NO PROFIT INCLUDED). 
Roof Pitch: (Walkable vs Non Walkable Roofs)
The roof pitch determines weather the roof is walkable or not walkable. Walkable roofs are always the best way to clean a roof and is cheaper than non walkable roofs, which require working from ladders or special expensive, rented, high reach lift equipment.
Note: figure 1-1  below shows you which roof pitches are walkable and not walkable. Use these pictures to compare to your roof, so you can tell if your roof is walkable or not.
Walking Roofs vs Ladders & High Reach Lifts:
Walking roofs is the best and cheapest way to perform roof cleaning. Using ladders and high reach lifts cost more time and money and wasted chemical to do roof cleaning. It all depends on the Type, height, pitch, complexity of your roof as to which method we are able to clean your roof the best and safest.     We always try to walk your roof whenever possible.
Walking Roof (Best Method)
Using Ladder     (2nd Best Method)
Using High Reach Lift (Last Resort)
Why "walking the roof" is the cheapest and best way to clean your roof
Saves time by cleaning and rinsing up to (5) times faster  than non walkable roofs, which saves you money, without sacrificing quality of cleaning
Better quality cleaning due to being up close to contact areas of the roof surface which allows for a more controlled, more uniform saturation and coverage to all surface areas being cleaned.
Use less chemicals (minimize waste) means less money charged.
Ladders and High Reach Lifts waste chemical spraying it so far out and away, instead of up close to the surface being sprayed like walking the roof can only do
No high rental equipment cost needed as is with high reach lifts costing you an extra $200 -$300 to clean your roof.
Easier to apply chemical

Simple roofs are cheaper to clean than complex roofs due to the time it takes to clean them. Complex roofs can cost 2-5 times more to clean than a simple roof.
Below are some examples of simple roofs versus complex roofs.
Use this to get an idea of what type of roof you have.

Simple Roofs vs Complex Roofs:
Types of Roof Pitchs (1/12 - 18/12)
Figure 1-1
Simple Roof
Simple Roof
Simple Roof
Complex Roof
Complex Roof
Complex Roof
You can clearly see why it would take a lot longer to clean a complex roof versus a simple roof now.
Size of Roof:
The size of a roof matters in the price of roof cleaning due to the extra amount of time and chemicals needed to clean it. A 1200 sq ft roof is cheaper to clean than a 2500 sq ft roof.             Part of the estimate includes the square footage of your roof.
Type of Roof:
Pricing depends on the type of roof being cleaned. Asphalt shingle roofs are the cheapest and easiest to clean. Tile, Slate, Wood Shake roofs always cost more to clean.
(we currently only clean Asphalt Shingle Roofs)

How Dirty Is Your Roof:
Pricing depends on how dirty and or how much Bacteria, algae, mold, moss, lichen buildup is on the roof. The heavier the buildup the more coats of chemical and labor time used applying it will be required which cost more to do. Homes that have not been cleaned in 8-10 years will have much more buildup then homes cleaned every 3-5 years.
The Question is: How long has it been since your roof was cleaned ?
Partial or Full - Roof Cleaning:
One way to save money on roof cleaning is to just clean parts of the roof instead of the entire roof. We do not recommend cleaning partial roofs but do offer this option for our customers.  Here are a few reasons why some people choose Partial Roof Cleanings.
People who just want the Bacteria (black stains) cleaned causing their roofs to look so ugly.
People who do not have the money to clean the entire roof but have enough to clean the Bacteria (black stains) causing their roofs to be so ugly looking.
People who are selling their homes, and do not have enough money or don't want to spend the money on a home they are trying to sell, so they choose the partial roof cleaning just to clean the areas showing Bacteria (black stains) to make the roof look clean and more curb appealing to buyers
People having to comply with home owners associations and just clean the Bacteria (black stains) needed to comply with Regulations.
Note:  We only offer warranties on full roof cleanings only.
1-2-3 Story Homes:
One story homes are usually cheaper than 2 or 3 story homes to clean depending on pitch of roof.
Basically: The Higher You Go, The Higher The Price
Most homes have gutters, But homes without gutters, damaged gutters, leaking gutters, gutters that are clogged, needing repair, or cleaned out, that could allow our chemical to flow directly onto the sides of home and ground, that could come in full contact with grass, plants, trees, flowers, decks, concrete, bushes, landscape, ponds, pools, are a problem, and will not be our responsibility for any damages that occur to these areas. And if not agreed in writing we will not clean the roof. It is vitally important that there are gutters in good working condition on homes when roof cleaning.
Gutters vs No Gutters:
Rental Equipment: (Example - High Reach Lifts)
There will be homes and business buildings that will require the use of rental equipment like High Reach Lifts to clean roofs. These lifts cost $300 - $500 a day (minimum) to rent. and that does not include the operating cost of the equipment or the transport cost there and back. This equipment is used mostly on extremely high roofs with high pitch's that can not be accessed safely from walking or ladders.
We ad in the price of every job the expense for gas and travel time, to and from the jobsite location.
Setup Time or (Prep Time) is a price factor which depends on how much time it takes for our cleaning crew to arrive, get access to the jobsite location, perform a walk around inspection of jobsite, check for present or potential problems or damages on and around home, report them to homeowner, move and protect any items that owner has not done, make sure all vehicles, pets, children, are moved away from work zone, Trim away any bushes and tree branches that are near or touching siding or roof of home, Setup ladders, gutter guards, water hoses, spray equipment, chemicals, fill water tanks, and get all other equipment out, and ready to start cleaning.
The quicker this time takes the lower the price.
Setup Time:
We offer specials and discounts that effect the price of roof cleaning.
Check out our coupons, specials, discounts here on our website.

Specials and Discounts:
Cash or Credit Card:
You can save 3% on the total cost of Roof Cleaning when you pay cash.
Many Companies do not know, or include all these factors when estimating jobs. Some Companies may even offer you a lower price, but will only be a matter of time before they figure out they are not making any profit, and they will either raise there prices, or go out of business, which ever comes first. So what good is a warranty if there not in business any more to honor it.
Labor, Time, and Chemical Cost, are affected by each of the factors listed below