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How can I tell my roof needs cleaning ?
It is easy to see, especially on light colored roofs, Look for the dark black streaks and staining. The staining is normally worse on the north side of the home. (see top picture on the left)
NO,  Bleach is still the best and number one chemical to be used in roof cleaning today. Many Companies Selling high cost Roofing Chemical Products (That do not clean as good or as fast as Bleach), Started bad mouthing Bleach so they could sell their own products. Somewhere, somehow there has become a negative view on using Bleach. Bleach is actually the chemical of choice, recommended by the roof manufactures. The only issue with Bleach is you have to know how strong to make it. Too little and it won't clean the roof, Too much and you can possibly Bleach out some of  the roofs original color which really isn't all that bad, and you really can't tell even if it happens, And secondly, you need to make sure you always have a ground man water down all the grass, plants, and landscape, throughout the roof cleaning process. Other companies that sell their own products are using this precautionary measure, by saying Bleach is bad for the environment and kills grass, plants to help get people to buy their own products they sell. Some of those other companies products require watering down the plants and grass as well, They do not mention it at all in there ads, But you can see it on the label written in very small print, on their directions of use.
You can be confident in knowing we will take care of your home and lawn as though it is our own.

    How can cleaning my roof save me money ?
     Yes. Cleaning your roof can save you money in more ways than one...
Yes. Pressure washing using high water pressures (2000-4000 PSI), at close range, can and will remove the granules from the surface of the shingles. This loss of Granules will lead to replacing your roof alot sooner than needed, and in many cases your roof would have lasted longer if you never had high pressure cleaned your roof at all.
High pressure washing can also cause damage by getting up under the shingles, breaking loose the seal needed to keep your shingles from lifting up, falling off, and stop roof from leaking, especially during heavy rains and wind. High Pressure Washing with just water, will not kill the Bacteria, But shaves off the top layer of the shingle leaving some of the Bacteria there as well as ruining the life of the shingles, and allowing the Bacteria to grow back much quicker.
To kill the Bacteria thats feeding on your shingles,  you need the proper roof cleaning chemicals at the proper strengths, Not   High Water Pressure , to get the job done right.
We use a low pressure method called (SOFT WASH) to clean your roof. The low pressure (55-100 PSI), along with balanced  soaps and chemical we apply to your roof is about the same pressure of a typical rain. You can put your hand in front of the hose wand stream, the pressure is that low.  We apply our A.R.M.A approved chemical and Soaps to the roof, Followed by a water rinse ,to remove the bacteria from your roof without damage. The roof cleaning chemicals do all the work Not the water pressure like High Pressure Washers use. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers do not recommend, suggest, or support the use of High Pressure Washers as a method for roof cleaning.
Figure 2-1
Roof cleaning from start to finish with an average area of 2,000 sqft can take anywhere from 2 - 4 hours. For a 2,000 - 3,000 sqft it takes about 3-5 hours. Other factors like Roof Pitch, Complex Roof Designs, Walking the roof versus cleaning it from a ladder, and other factors extend the time in cleaning a roof. Roof cleaning can be a full day job.
The black streaks and stains are caused by bacteria (Gloeocapsa Magma) that feed on the limestone that's part of your roof shingles, they are actually caused when the bacteria begins to decompose. Often, these dark black steaks and stains are mistakenly thought to be dirt, algae, tree droppings, mold, fungus or mildew.
What are the light colored streaks and stains under my roof vents ?
The lighter color streaks and staining directly under the metal vent pipes is actually clean portions of your roof "Not Covered" in Bacteria (Gloeocapsa Magma). The lighter color is actually your roofs original natural color. Expect your entire roof to look like that when we are finished (see Figure 2-1). When it rains, the rainwater grabs zinc from the metal vent pipes and stops the growth of Bacteria on the roof for a short distance below the vents. Zinc can help keep bacteria from growing on roofs.
Answer: YES & NO  Let us Explain...
Bleach also called "Sodium Hypochlorite", Can kill your grass, plants, and landscape,"If" you do not keep these items watered down throughout the entire Roof Cleaning Process.
Many people have put down Bleach, "The very best chemical used for roof cleaning", because of this very reason, because they just don't have all the right information,which is why we are making it very clear for you to understand here.
Every Professional Roof Cleaning Company has a "Ground Man", Who's job is to continually water down all these items while the Roof Cleaner is applying the chemicals. This is another reason why Roof Cleaning cost more than House Washing, Because of the added expense of a "Second Man" that is required to make sure your grass, plants,landscape don't die. Roof Cleaning requires a minimum of (2) people, where house washing only requires (1).
So To Answer This Question:
YES. Bleach can, kill your grass, plants, and landscape if undiluted Bleach, comes in full contact to these items, If "Not" continually watered down throughout the entire roof cleaning process.
--- AND ---
NO, Bleach will not kill your grass, plants, and landscape as long as these items are continually watered down throughout the entire roof cleaning process.
Note: It is often possible to get burn spots on these items even after ground man did a great job watering down everything (Especially on hot days or when it has not rained in a while),  Items with burn spots , will have to grow back over time, But the items in most cases do not die, kill the root system,  or need replacing.
What type of Warranty do I get ?
We include a (1) year warranty on every Full Roof Cleaning we do. We also offer an extended 1-2 year Warranty for an additional fee for our maximum (3) Year Protection Plan.
"Soft Wash" is the best method for cleaning Roofs, It was givin it's name because it uses extremely Low Pressure (55-100 PSI) to clean with. Special equipment and pumps are used for "Soft Wash" which allow chemicals and soaps to flow through these pumps and go long distances and heights to be sprayed on the roofs. Many systems have hose lengths 200-300 ' long.
These special pumps have a short lifetime, because of the chemicals passing through them, eating up the seals and parts inside. Flushing with water helps to keep these pumps working longer. "Soft Wash" is the newest method in roof cleaning, and it has replaced the old method of cleaning roofs, that used common , cheaper to buy, Pressure Washers using High Pressures of (2000-4000 PSI) that were found to cause more problems than good when cleaning roofs. Pressure Washers are not made or designed to upstream the chemicals through there pumps, or the pumps will breakdown almost immediately,
Do I need to do anything before you come out to clean ?
    Yes, We require our customers to do the following before
    we come out to clean:
             from house.
      Basically: Clear everything away from around the house that
      could come in contact with Water and Bleach.
Do you offer Discounts ?
Yes, We offer Coupons, Discounts, Specials, All year Round.
We offer $50 off Limited Time coupons (Mail Box Specials)
We offer 25% Military Discount off our regular prices
We offer 15% Senior Citizen Discount ages 55 +
We offer 25% Property Management / Commercial Discounts

How do I get an "Instant Phone Estimate"
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What type of payment do you except ?
We Accept: 
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When can you start ?
We Would like (2) Days Notice to schedule any work
But feel free to call us for "Same Day Work" if we are avalable.
Figure 3-1
Figure 3-2
Pressure Washers, can not downstream with there chemical injectors, strong enough chemical needed on the roof to kill the  Bacteria and remove the black streaks and stains. "Soft Wash" does no harm to the roof due to it's low operating pressures. "Soft Wash" relies on the chemicals and soaps to do the work, "NOT" high water pressure like Pressure Washers do. The biggest problem using High Pressure Washers is that they can damage the roof shingles by removing the granules on the shingles wearing down your roof faster than it would be if it was never even cleaned in the first place. Pressure Washers can also lift up the shingles, breaking the seals which hold the shingles down, causing the shingles to fall off when rain and wind gets a hold of it. "Soft Wash" Gently cleans your roof, and kills the Bacteria (Gloeocapsa Magma), where Pressure Washers rely on high water pressure to scrape off the top layers of the shingles not killing the Bacteria, but power blasting it off, leaving behind missed areas of live Bacteria, making it easy for the Bacteria left behind to start growing back again faster. "Soft Wash"because of it's gentle low pressure can get into nooks and cranny's where Bacteria also lives allowing more areas of  Bacteria to be killed and cleaned, That Pressure Washers fail to get. "Soft Wash" kills Bacteria, and does a much better job cleaning, and leaves the roof not only super clean, But healthy and undamaged as well, far better than Pressure Washers. "Soft Wash" improves the condition of your roof, Where Pressure washers can destroy your roof, Making you have to replace your roof, Years sooner than needed. "Soft Wash" is truly the best, and safest way to clean your roof.

Full or Partial Roof Cleaning ?
One way to save money on roof cleaning is to just clean parts of the roof instead of the entire roof. We do not recommend cleaning partial roofs but do offer this option for our customers.  Here are a few reasons why some people choose Partial Roof Cleanings.
People who just want the Bacteria (black stains) cleaned causing their roofs to look so ugly.
People who do not have the money to clean the entire roof but have enough to clean the Bacteria (black stains) causing their roofs to be so ugly looking.
People who are selling their homes, and do not have enough money or don't want to spend the money on a home they are trying to sell, so they choose the partial roof cleaning just to clean the areas showing Bacteria (black stains) to make the roof look clean and more curb appealing to buyers
People having to comply with home owners associations and just clean the Bacteria (black stains) needed to comply with Regulations.
Note:  We only offer warranties on full roof cleanings only.
What type of chemicals do you use ?
We use Sodium Hypochlorite (12.5% Bleach) and other soap surfactants to formulate our mix.
Bleach is still the only chemical recommended by the roof manufactures for cleaning roofs.
Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach is still the number one chemical of choice by most professionals for cleaning Roofs and House Washing.
It is fast acting, Safe to use, easy to buy, and does a wonderful job cleaning, faster and better than all the rest.
Yes you have to make sure you keep the grass and plants watered down, and try not to get undIluted Sodium Hypochlorite on them, or it could burn or kill them if it gets to the roots. But thats part of our job to make sure we control that.
Nothing works better or more cost affective to use than Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach and Soap for cleaning Dirt,bacteria, algae, mold and mildew.
Will Bleach damage my roof ?
Will Bleach kill my grass, plants, and landscape ?
Are you living under a dirty roof of live Bacteria ?
The bacteria is most noticed visually on the north side of homes, since it gets the least amount of sunlight throughout the day, making it a preferred environment for the Bacteria to grow.
Once the bacteria has become noticeable, the stains will get worse each day and year.
Experts conclude the bacteria to be harmful, if left untreated, as the growth holds moisture within shingles causing premature aging, rotting, and granule loss. This damage if not cleaned and treated, Can cause the roof to be replaced years sooner than normally needed. This problem has caused some Insurance companies to send out policy cancelation letters to home owners if thay do not clean there roofs.
The reason is because roofs are being eaten up by this bacteria costing Insurance Companies $5000 - $10,000 to replace the roofs, but only $500 to clean.  So to save money, Insurance
Companies are starting to force home owners to clean their roofs or cancel there policies.
What are the black streaks and stains on my roof ?
What is "SOFT WASH"  ?
How long does it take to clean my roof ?
Can high pressure washing damage my roof ?