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What are those green stains on my house
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What is House Washing ?
House Washing is the cleaning of the "House Siding". It does not normally include the washing of any other part of the home or property. Other areas that can be washed seperately include the Roof, Driveway, Side Walks, Patios, Decks, Stairs, Balconies, Fences, Sheds, Gazeebos, Pools, and more...
Package deals can be made to include one or more of these items for special discounts and pricing.
How much does House Washing cost ?
The average cost for House Washing  (Siding Only) is between $75 -$400. there is lower and higher, but this is the average price for most homes.
The cost of House Washing is based upon the Square Footage of the area being cleaned.
We charge between  0.08 - 0.25 cents a sqft, and add extra depending on the following factors, Location, Travel Time, Size, Height, Dirt level, Full Cleaning or Partial Cleaning, Warranty or No Warranty, Cash or Credit/Debit Card, and Quality Level Of Cleaning.

What is that green stuff on the side of my house ?
The Green stuff on the siding of your home is mold and mildew that is usually noticed more on the north side of your home because it gets the least amount of sunlight throughout the day.  The lack of sunlight combined with the higher humid conditions of the south, make it preferred conditions for the mold and mildew to grow.
What is "Soft Wash"
"Soft Wash" was originally created as a method for cleaning Roofs only, But has become the most popular method for Cleaning House Siding (House Washing) as well. Soft Wash was givin it's name because it uses Low Pressure Cleaning instead of High Pressure Cleaning.
Soft Wash for Roofs require special equipment and pumps to clean the roofs. Soft Wash for House Washing can use Regular Pressure washers to clean the siding, with the use of chemical injectors (downstreaming) because house washing uses half the amount of chemical that roofs require. Pressure washers can lower their high operating pressures down to (100-600 PSI) Which is still low pressure when compared to their normal high operating pressures of (2000-4000 PSI) that they are capable of doing. You can still put your hand in front of the flow of the wand at 600 PSI, (See Figure 3-1 and 3-2)

but the pressure is higher than pressures used for Roof Cleaning (55-100 PSI). With this increase pressure we can now produce a very gentle cleaning action to help remove the more embedded stubborn dirt stains on the siding that chemicals alone may not always get. This higher pressure is not strong enough to lift up the siding to damage it like pressures of (2000 - 4000 PSI) can do. So even though the pressure used in House Washing is a bit higher than it is for Roof Cleaning, The pressure is still low enough to be considered by professionals "SOFT WASH".
Figure 3-1
Figure 3-2
How long does it take to do House Washing ?
House Washing takes 1-5 hours from start to finish from the time we arrive
Depending on the size of the home being cleaned.
What type of chemicals do you use ?
We use Sodium Hypochlorite (12.5% Bleach) and other soap surfactants to formulate our mix.
Bleach is still the only chemical recommended by the roof manufactures for cleaning roofs.
Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach is still the number one chemical of choice by most professionals for cleaning Roofs and House Washing.
It is fast acting, Safe to use, easy to buy, and does a wonderful job cleaning, faster and better than all the rest.
Yes you have to make sure you keep the grass and plants watered down, and try not to get undIluted Sodium Hypochlorite on them, or it could burn or kill them if it gets to the roots. But thats part of our job to make sure we control that.
Nothing works better or more cost affective to use than Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach and Soap for cleaning Dirt,bacteria, algae, mold and mildew.
Full or Partial House Washing ?
To help our customers save even more money,  We offer the choice of Full or Partial washing of the house siding.
Some people just want the areas that they can see the mold and mildew cleaned and not the full house washed.
The cost per square foot is less for Full Washing than it is for Partial Washing. This is required for us to reach our minimum cost for comming out to do any work. Understand, We have the same expenses that need to be paid whether we come out to do a Full or Partial Cleaning. travel time to and from the location, fuel cost, equipment cost, setup and breakdown, still cost us the same, whether full or partial cleaning is performed.
On the average, you can expect to Save 25% - 40% off the Full Cleaning price when choosing Partial Cleaning, depending on the amount of square feet cleaned.
Will Bleach kill my grass, plants, landscape ?
Answer: YES & NO  Let us Explain...
Bleach, Can kill your grass, plants, and landscape,"If" you do not  water them down Before, During, and After, the House Wash Cleaning is finished.

Bleach is the #1 chemical, used today by most professionals. Bleach is the only chemical suggested to be used for cleaning roofs by the Roof Manufacteres.

Many Companies selling Cleaning Products are bad mouthing and putting down Bleach to help sell there own products and get people to start using there high dollar products instead. because of this very reason, Customers are confused because they just don't have all the right information about Bleach, which is why we are making it very clear for you to understand here and now.

Every Professional Company doing House Washing knows and includes, Ground Control as part of the job. This Procedure is used where grass, plants, and landscape are required to be watered down,  before, during, and after the house wash cleaning is done, To keep them from dieing. 

Flyby nights, and half/ass Handyman, (jack of all trades, master of none), Who are not knowledgable, and "Not" doing this procedure. were killing the grass, plants, and landscape using Bleach. It's not the professionals doing it , But the unprofessionals that are doing It. And now Even the proffesionals are afraid to talk about, Avoid bringing the topic up, hide it in there brochures, because people now believe bleach is bad to use for cleaning. Chemical Manufactures are using this to there advantage to sell there chemicals, by bad mouthing Bleach to make it look like its evil, and bad to use. They are saying things like, Bleach Free, Won't kill the grass, plants, Environmentally safe, Go Green, and more..  Some of those other products tell you to "water down the plants too". in there small print, directions of use label...  But know one is talking about that..  except us, here and now.
If bleach was so bad, Why is it still the ONLY chemical suggested to be used for cleaning roofs by the Roof Manufactors.
Yes precautionary measures have to be in place using Bleach, But Bleach is still the #1 choice by profesionals for cleaning Roofs and Houses today. WE ARE PROUD TO SAY "WE USE BLEACH"

So To Answer This Question:
YES.  Bleach, can kill your grass, plants, and landscape if it comes in full contact, and "No One"  watering them down, Before, During, and After the House Wash Cleaning is finished.
--- AND ---
NO, Bleach will not kill your grass, plants, and landscape as long as these items are watered down Before, During, and After the House Wash Cleaning is finished.

Note: It is often possible to get burn spots on these items even after a great job watering down everything (Especially on hot days or when it has not rained in a while).  Items with burn spots will have to grow back over time, But the items in most cases will not die, kill the root system,  or need replacing.
Do I have to do anything before you come out to clean ?
    Yes, We require our customers to do the following before
    we come out to clean:
             from house.
      Basically: Clear everything away from around the house that
      could come in contact with Water and Bleach.
What type of Warranty do I get ?
We include a (1) year warranty on every (Full) House Washing we do.
We do not offer a warranty on (Partial) House Washing because there is live mold and mildew on the other areas we did not clean that can possably get on the areas we did clean faster than normal.
Do you offer Discounts ?
Yes, We offer Coupons, Discounts, Specials, All year Round.
We offer $50 off Limited Time coupons (Mail Box Specials)
We offer 25% Military Discount off our regular prices
We offer 15% Senior Citizen Discount ages 55 +
We offer 25% Property Management / Commercial Discounts

How do I get an "Instant Phone Estimate"
You need to have this information ready before you can get a "Instant Phone Estimate"

What type of payment do you except ?
We Accept: 
Note: We charge 3% extra for Credit Cards and Debit Cards

When can you start ?
We Would like (2) Days Notice to schedule any work
But feel free to call us for "Same Day Work" if we are avalable.
1) Quick Wash: Lower Price, General Cleaning, Good to Great Results.
2) Premium Wash: Higher Price, Gets dirt and stains Quick Wash couldn't get, Best Results.

We offer (2) levels of "Quality and Pricing" for House Washing
Quick Wash, Is a great all purpose cleaning of the house siding. You can SAVE UP TO 50% off our Premium Wash Price. Your house siding will look amazing when were finished. The Mold and Mildew on your home will be totally gone. The main difference between "Quick Wash" and our "Premium Wash" is that we do not spend the extra time and chemicals cleaning stubborn embedded stains that may not fully come clean after Quick Wash is done. We still do a quality cleaning, making sure we wash and cover all areas including the siding, gutters, downspouts, soffits and even the red clay stains along the bottom of the siding. "But", What you see is what you get when were done. That's Why It's Up To 50% Off Our Premium Wash.

Why do we offer "Quick Wash" and "Premium Wash" ?
We would love to offer"Pemium Wash" as the only choice to our customers. Anything less makes our work, and our Company look cheap.
The only reason we offer "Quick Wash", Is for competition reasons. Because of other companies that offer lower quality, lower priced washing (Splash & Dash) to their customers as their standard method of cleaning. We had to include it so we can stay competitive in pricing against these companies. Buy offering both"Quick Wash"and "Premium Wash" We now can service more customers than we could have serviced before, and we can still offer our "Premium Wash" to those customers that want it, expect it, and understand and appreciate the value of it.
What Is Quick Wash ?
Who Chooses Quick Wash: Quick Wash is our economy, budget priced cleaning method, normally chosen by customers that are willing to sacrifice a little bit of quality to save a lot more money when washing their home.
They care more about price, and getting the mold and mildew off the house, and more about how the house looks like from a distance than close up. Most of the time they are not washing their home to just satisfy themselves, but for other reasons as well. Some of those reasons include: Keeping up with the neighborhood standards, Home Owner Association Rules,  Insurance Company Notices, Rental Home Owners providing minimum upkeep, or they just don't have or want, to put up the extra money for the time needed to "Premium Wash" their home.
Please read this section on"Quality And Pricing"
Now we take the square footage of 1700 sqft and multiply it by the cents per foot (lets use .10 cents per foot for this example)
1700 x .10 = $170.00
So the total cost to wash this house in the example would be $170.00 at .10 cents a sqft for 1700 sqft of surface being cleaned.
Example: How to measure your house for House Washing
Red Clay Stains along the bottom of the siding
Red Clay Stains along the bottom of the siding, has always been a major problem to remove, when washing homes here in Georgia.
The Red Clay in the ground contains iron oxide. When the red clay gets splattered up on the siding from the ground during heavy rains, It leaves this staining on the siding that is extremely difficult to remove.

The best way to remove these stains is with special chemicals that are expensive. These chemicals are not included in our House Wash. The cost of these chemicals including the labor to remove the stains could cost as much or even more than the cost of House Wash Alone.

Included in our "Premium Wash" , We will spend extra time scrubbing down these areas using a brush including our own special chemical mix, to try and remove as much of the Red Clay Stains we can. Whatever it looks like after were done washing it, brushing it, scrubbing it, rinsing it,(two times max). That's what your going to get.
You can decide at that time if the results are good enough for you or not. If your not happy with the results, You can elect  using the higher cost chemicals made just for removing Red Clay Stains.

We do have our own special chemical mix we use, that does not require high pressure to apply. It is not very expensive as compared to the chemicals we talked about above. This is an extra service you pay for if you choose to elect it, which pays for the chemicals and extra time to apply and clean the red clay stains.  It is our own mix. We spray it on and wait 5-10 minutes, brush it in, then rinse it off. Repeat the process one more time when needed. Results do vary, and there is no guarrantee the stains will come completely out.
We have tried using high pressures of 4000 PSI in the past ,along with chemical and soap pretreatments, and it still does not do much in removing these red clay stains. Red Clay Stains are really tuff.

Some companies have used Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric Acid)  to clean red clay stains, be aware that muratic acid, can damage the surface of the siding and permanently discolor it as well. Most people try it in a inconspicuous areas first to test,  making it stronger and stronger till the stain is gone or at least lightens up. Muriatic Acid is used more in Masonry. Stone, and Concrete Surfaces, so when used on Vinyl siding you need to be alert and ready for anything to happen. Muriatic Acid is powerful stuff and proper care and protection must be used at all times.
Areas Where Stains Could Show After Quick Wash Is Done: Bottom of siding where red clay stains are, Scrape marks in siding, Gutters, Downspouts, Soffits. (These areas will be cleaned but sometimes require lots of extra time, hand brushing, and special chemicals to make them even cleaner.)

Types Of Stains That Could Show After Quick Washing Is Done: Red Clay Stains along bottom of siding, Paint, Grease, Tar, Oil, Rust, Scrape Marks. (These are stains that should not be on the house in the first place). Each house is different as to how much or little these stains come off after we clean. We always perform a thorough wash and rinse on every home we clean. MANY HOMES DO NOT NEED ANY FURTHER CLEANING WHEN WERE DONE. We normally wait to see the results of what the house looks like after were done with the Quick Wash, before we offer our Premium Wash option, BECAUSE IT MAY NOT NEED IT.